Tree Forest

About Us

About Us


We exist to connect and empower a

global network of Christian leaders

who use their businesses as a means

to transform their communities.


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transforming leaders from chronic uncertainty to contagious confidence
Our Vision


We believe every visionary leader should have the resources and relationships that will help them impact their community.


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How We Serve


The Mentors

Every leader is paired up with an experienced mentor who will offer them the guidance and support to increase their faith and leadership. 

The Resources

Practical tools such as micro-lending, crowd-sourcing, supply chain management, etc. will be provided to maximize business opportunities.

The Network

A network of leaders, mentors, donors, and other constituents will provide leaders with a virtual and literal support system that can be called upon for any need. 

The Teachings

Faith-based leadership curriculum will provide leaders with practical wisdom to help them grow their faith and servant leadership in their businesses and communities.


30 Leaders. 30 Countries. 30 Years.

We will invest in one leader in each of the following countries:

Botswana Israel Austria Costa Rica Australia Argentina
Ghana Japan Czech Republic Domincan Republic Fiji Brazil
Nigeria Singapore Ireland Jamaica New Zealand Chile
South Africa Thailand Norway Nicaragua Tonga Peru
Tanzania United Arab Emirates Spain Panama Samoa Uruguay
Three-Year Plan

We intend to travel to all 30 countries within the first 3 years.

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