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Aubrey Stewart

Aubrey Stewart


Highlights Holding Company

Kingston, Jamaica


The Business

Highlights Research and Strategic Management Solutions (HRSMS) is a research and strategic management consultancy founded in February 2017. HRSMS was established with the mandate of supporting local and regional startups, micro, small and medium sized businesses and private groups with: Strategic management solutions, business development services, data collection and analysis, banking, finance, and economic research and analysis.

In 2019, two years after building Highlights local and regional network, the mission gave birth to the Highlights Holding Company Ltd. of which Highlights Research, Highlights Financial Services, Highlights Impact Foundation and Highlights Technology and Development are subsidiaries of the holding group of companies. Currently, Highlights group’s operations are driven by seven management team members and three consultants with the intention of growing to meet demand.

As Founder and Group CEO for the Highlights Holding Company and its subsidiaries, Aubrey Stewart’s main responsibility is to guide and support the full implementation of projects and activities by the holding group, supported by Managing Directors of each Highlights subsidiary. Aubrey is chief visionary and is responsible for oversight and the overall strategic planning and execution of the group of companies.


Highlights Holding Company, through its operations and subsidiaries, is committed to a mission of providing individuals, startups, micro, small and medium sized entities and low-income families with affordable research for business development and expansion, public policy development, short and long term financial support, housing and technology solutions, and community development solutions to achieve holistic growth and building community impact.

Highlights is founded on the belief that all things are possible regardless of your beginning and circumstances, but what is of greater importance are the results produced in the end. These results-oriented people are the type of people Highlights chooses to work with. Currently, Highlights supports six micro, small and medium sized businesses and fourteen individuals.


Through his personal experience as a child and young adult, Aubrey came in close contact with death on several occasions through gang activity in his community. Since 2007, Aubrey has dedicated himself to God and service for the development of his community and nation. These activities of service were mainly driven through his youth organization- The Youth Organization for Upliftment.

Though experiencing many financial difficulties growing up, Aubrey completed a Bachelor's degree in Political Leadership, Strategy, and Management and a Master's Degree in Government/Politics. Through strategy and management, he is focused on using education as a tool for creating opportunities for those without opportunities and for those who believe that things won’t get better. His personal mantra is expressed in two ways:

  • One is that "it’s not only about the quantitative results acquired from activities but the qualitative impact we make on people’s lives."
  • Secondly, he believes that "there is no height to which we cannot climb by using the active intelligence of your mind."

Aubrey through his discipline and focus on God’s mission through his community involvement and business, has been recognized by President Barack Obama and Her Majesty the Queen of England for his outstanding leadership and nation building in 2015 and 2018 respectively.  Aubrey’s faith has driven him to be the visionary and authentic leader that he is today-, consistently telling himself "I CAN."