Become a Leader

Become a Branches Worldwide Leader

Become a Branches Worldwide Leader

Leadership is hard, but every leader should feel like their vision is possible.
Dan in Nicaragua

Branches Worldwide is building a network of 30 leaders. Leaders who understand what it takes to use their business as a ministry. We will identify one leader in each of the 30 chosen countries. 


  • Age 25-40
  • Faith in Jesus Christ
  • Leading a growing business (5 or more employees)
  • Native of one of our 30 countries
  • Proficient in reading/speaking English

Leaders accepted into Branches Worldwide can expect the following:

Fabricio and Claudia


  • Outlast the Competition

  • Hire More Employees

  • Create sustainable change

  • Learn how to use your business as a ministry.

  • Work with personal mentors who will help you grow your faith, your influence, and your organization.

  • Opportunities to travel to the United States and other regions around the world.

  • Gain access to capital (if necessary) to expand your business.

The Process
Title Focus Method Used
Target Team Find 3-4 potential leaders within the desired country Video Call
Assessment Team Once the top candidates are identfied, the assessment team will build relationship with, as well as analyze the business of the leader. Team will travel to the designated country and meet with candidates.
Investment Team Once leader is selected, this team will provide expertise and resources to help the leader establish a plan for their business and community. Leader will come to the United States for short time.