Business as Mission: Welcome to Branches Worldwide

Submitted by Branches Worldwide on Wed, 07/24/2019 - 12:33pm

It's currently a hot Wednesday evening in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We've seen God move quickly since we launched six months ago, and we've learned a lot! Mostly, we've learned when God moves, it's our job to simply keep step and keep up.

Business as Mission. These three words have the power to change the way we confront issues in our world today. From the beginning we've asked ourselves, "is business strictly an earthly institution, or is it possibly a means for real social and spiritual change in the world?" At Branches Worldwide, we believe that God is poised to use business leaders to build up communities in ways like never before!

We know long term results require long term commitments. That's why we're committed to invest in 30 young business leaders in 30 countries for 30 years.  Simply put, Branches Worldwide wants to demonstrate what can happen when a business becomes a mission to spread the gospel.

We've learned that simply handing out water, and building homes isn't enough to create long term change. What our world needs are concrete solutions that create an environment for the hearts of people to be opened to the Gospel.

Imagine what could happen in a community when a Christ centered business grows and creates jobs. In Thailand we've met an incredible leader and have seen firsthand what can happen. Imagine adults forced to leave their children to find work outside the community, now able stay and work for a Christian leader close to home. Imagine children once destined for the sex trade now living and growing in a stable, loving community.

As we continued to move forward, it's has been critical to repeatedly ask, "What will define success?" Well, our mission is to come alongside established business leaders and support them as they support their community. When the trajectory of the lives and hearts of individual people are changed as a result of our investment in a leader, then we believe that we've fulfilled our mission.

What does it look like for a Christ centered business leader to impact their community? Come alongside us and we'll find out together.

Together we'll be faithful in our homes, faithful in our workplaces, and faithful in our mission to serve global leaders in the name of Christ!

Next stop, Nicaragua!