Why 30 Leaders? And Four Other Questions We Answer a Lot

Submitted by Branches Worldwide on Mon, 04/05/2021 - 2:26pm

Why 30 Leaders? (And Four Other Questions We Answer a Lot)


We spend the majority of our time working with leaders. And after countless conversations with people all over the globe, we've noticed that a handful of important questions continue to rise to the surface. Since these are questions most people have about Branches, we thought you'd have similar questions as well. So, without further ado… here are the top four questions we hear about Branches Worldwide.  


What exactly are you trying to do? 


Branches Worldwide is a faith-based non-profit organization that believes leadership is the solution that creates a thousand solutions. Leaders, specifically business leaders, can affect the lives of thousands of people in their community by the relationships they build, the way they invest, how they live out their faith.  That's why we start by identifying some of the best faith-driven entrepreneurs around the world— young leaders who are using their business to bless their community, build their faith, and point people to Christ. Once we find these leaders, their mission becomes our mission. We aim to invest in them and accelerate their work, so they don't just make a difference… but they make an eternal difference. 


Why 30 Leaders in 30 Countries for 30 years?  There are 195 countries in the world, and instead of trying to impact everyone, we decided to start small and dream big. That's why our founder, Brian Miller, inaugurated our organization with the three-year goal to build a diverse community of 30 leaders from 30 countries around the world. On top of that, we would make a 30-year commitment to each leader. This long-term partnership would give leaders the confidence to try new ideas and champion initiatives that glorify Christ and bless their community. We believe that the results from our first 30 leaders will give us the insight to follow Christ and tackle greater goals in the future. 


How can I be part of Branches? 


Participation in Branches starts by understanding three words: "Business as Mission". These three words have the power to change the way we confront the most challenging issues in our world today. From the beginning we've asked ourselves, "is business simply about generating profit, or is it possibly a means for real social and spiritual change in the world?" At Branches Worldwide, we believe that God uses business leaders to build up communities in ways like never before!


We've learned that handing out food and building homes can create a short term impact. But creating long-term, sustainable change, requires more. What our world needs are concrete solutions and courageous leaders who use their business to create an environment for the hearts of people to be opened to the Gospel. Joining Branches can mean a variety of things. You can become a leader, a donor, a partner, an ambassador, or a mentor. Every role is critical in helping us make an eternal difference in communities around the world 


What kind of leaders are you looking for? 


Branches Worldwide was born from the idea that God has called leaders around the world to help create a better future. The ideal Branches Leader  

Has been called by Christ to use their gifts to positively impact their generation 

Has high potential, high motivation, and high character.

Has drive and imagination to shape the future of their communities.

Has a clear, compelling call to lead their neighbors by serving.

Has already started work to impact their community 

Is in a position to influence through their connection to the marketplace (e.g., entrepreneurs, business leaders, business owners, professionals, etc.)


We know long-term results require long-term commitments. That's why we're committed to investing in 30 young business leaders in 30 countries for 30 years.  


What does it look like when a faith-driven business leader impacts their community? Come alongside us and we'll find out together. Together, we'll demonstrate what can happen when a business becomes a means to spread the gospel and transform a community!