Dayana Hilário

Dayana Hilário


Liceu Cultura Bilingue

São Sebastião, Brazil

Written by Dayana Hilário


The Business

Our school Liceu Cultura Bilíngue is a language school in constant evolution, which follows the changes in the world to prepare students to face challenges and changes so that they are able to act in new scenarios. It is reflected in our purposes: Forming people to act globally and transform its surrounding.


São Sebastião

The Mission

Provide educational and cultural services and events related to teaching English as a lingua franca to the communities where we operate, share Christian values that value the human being, love for others and gratitude and how such values rescue ethics, morals, respect, and compassion for others, generating more harmony and unity among people where coexistence with equality is predominant. Contributing to the cultural exchanging between Brazil and the world.



We want to launch people into action, who can become leaders and agents of change, being, therefore, a “transforming global agent”. From there, they defend the concept of leadership, as a factor that moves the organization from its current state to a promising future, creates visions of opportunities, encourages commitment, as well as aggregating new cultures and strategies that mobilize and focus on change and prosperity. Global agents are focused on results, and they get attention, their visions and intentions are strong, and they attract people to them, there is no need to coerce anyone, because the vision captures both the leader and those around him. An example of this was Jesus Christ who did not force people to follow him, he expressed his vision and goal for the salvation of the world, and this captivated individuals who followed him of their own volition. So, the vision that the leader conveys generates confidence, animates, transforms purpose into action, cultivates a pleasant environment, where people are not hurt, discouraged, or disillusioned, but are equipped to transform, develop and accomplish new things they would never think about catch up. Turning our students into global agents, possessing self-leadership, that is, the commitment to their improvement as a leader, as a global agent, will make them grow not only in terms of results, but will reflect everyone around them. Learning the English language and knowledge of a foreign culture allow our students to act as citizens of the world in an increasingly globalized scenario. We understand that the achievement of this vision leverages the social and professional insertion and ascension of our public and staff and allows us to give back to the communities where we operate a real contribution to their improvement in educational, social, and cultural areas.