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You can empower young Christian business leaders to impact their communities. Help Branches Worldwide support the visions of leaders all over the world by providing the necessary resources to accelerate their success. 


Your investment changes leader at a time.
William and His Team

From the beginning, Branches Worldwide has been driven by a single idea. The idea that the best way to transform a community is to partner with the leaders that live there. It's that simple, and that powerful. 


That's why we've been on a global mission to find the best leaders around the world, and then give them the support they need to transform their neighborhoods, communities, and countries. We work with leaders who love their business, love Jesus, and can combine both together to make a radical difference. 


Leaders like William Ventura. A medical doctor and chiropractor in Santo Domingo, William has a plan to bring healing and hope to the entire Dominican Republic. William is currently sponsoring four students as they earn their own chiropractic degrees. Once they graduate, William will help them lead clinics in other parts of the Dominican Republic, ensuring access to medical care continues to spread throughout the country. 


And you can help him. We're giving you the opportunity to partner with William. We know you want to make a difference around the world, and that's why we're making a NEW commitment — The 100% Pledge.


The 100% Pledge means one hundred percent of your giving goes directly to projects on the ground. Not to airline tickets, or salaries, or printer-ink. A hundred percent will go to the people in need. And we're starting with William Ventura's students.  Every dollar of your giving will help these students become chiropractors because we know when they're done, they're going to come back and they're going to be doctors that make an incredible difference in their community.

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