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Why Mentoring?

Branches Worldwide understands that emerging organizational leaders often experience:

  • Difficulty gaining access to resources and leadership training
  • Uncertainty in their ability to meet the challenges of leading a growing organization
  • The challenge of determining which voices to listen to when making tough decisions
  • The inability to share dreams with a person who can help them achieve their goals
  • The feeling of isolation and loneliness
  • Limited exposure to new markets and clients
Mentoring FAQ
What exactly is a mentor?

A mentor is a man or woman with years of proven leadership experience, and a passion for helping leaders. They are carefully selected individuals who want nothing more than to see the leader grow and maximize their influence. A mentor is a not a business partner, but rather a trusted resource to help the leader achieve the vision God has given them and their team.

How does a mentor help?

Mentors listen, encourage, guide, and empower, so that the leaders may grow their leadership influence. Focusing on servant leadership, they teach to lead like Jesus. Ultimately, a mentor will help the leader become a better at what they do, as well as becoming a more committed follower of Christ.

How can a mentor help the leader's organization?

A mentor dramatically increases a leader’s ability to succeed. In fact, research shows that, when paired with the right mentor, leaders double their chance of business success. Additionally, 88 percent of business owners report having someone knowledgeable and trustworthy to lean on is invaluable.

How can a mentor help communities?

Strong leadership is a key to the growth of any organization. So, as mentors help a leader improve, the potential of their organization to impact their community is unlocked. Through hiring more people, generating more revenue, and becoming a best-in-class organization, leaders can help lift their entire community to a new level. We believe communities can be transformed and people can be led to Christ through the influence of healthy organizations.

What are some of the benefits leaders experience through mentoring relationships?
  • Timely, relevant advice and insight
  • A deeper understand of the influence of a Christian business leader
  • Personal spiritual growth
  • A trusted confidant to help make tough decisions
  • Access to resources and leadership training
  • The ability to share dreams with someone who can help achieve them
  • Access to new markets and clients 
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