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Where it started…

Individually, we may be high-impact leaders committed to making a difference in our communities, but together, we are branches connected to the common vine of Christ, called to make an eternal impact on the world. 



What we’re doing…

In 2022, Branches Worldwide is embarking on an incredible adventure. We are forming teams to trek the Pan American Highway in order to connect with leaders from different countries, communities, and companies around the world.



What are the details…

The Pan-American Highway (PAH) is one of the largest adventures in the world. It’s a network of highways and roads spanning nearly 30,000 km through 14 countries from North America to South America. We’ll begin in Alaska in the Summer of 2022, and end the trip in Argentina in the Winter of 2022, with teams of adventurers raising funds to travel the highway in 7-10 day legs.