Pat Tarachai
Pattarachai’s Story

Pat is a 37-year-old coffee broker we met in the cloudy mountains of Chiang Rai, Thailand. 25 years ago, at the age of 12, he was forced out of his home because his parents couldn’t afford to feed him. Pat had nobody to turn to, so, he built a shack, and fended for himself in the mountains of Chiang Rai. He continued to attend school, but after he graduated high school, he left the mountains.

When he returned to the Doichang Mountains, he had two degrees-and a thriving faith in Jesus. Pat also had $66 in his pocket-and a bold vision. He wanted to start a coffee business to impact his community for Jesus. He invested what he had, and Abonzo Coffee was born. In seven short years, Pat leads a growing church, and he’s transformed the face of his community through his coffee company.

Abonzo Coffee Team

Early in the morning, Monday through Friday, Pat is the first one to arrive at the Abonzo coffee shop. He built the building, and the company, all in the center of his hometown. Abonzo Coffee has grown to become an indispensable part of the Doichang mountain region. The coffee has won awards, and the coffee shop is a tourist destination. Including growers, roasters, and baristas, Pat employs 25 people.

Pat is also a pastor. Leading a small church each week, he understands the importance of using his business success to support the success of the local church. Pat has plans to employ more people, to fund more work of the church, and to make a deeper impact in his community. But he needs help. His challenges range from hiring the right people, to finding coffee shops to buy his coffee, to improving cash flow so he can grow more coffee.

Pat is an example of how Branches Worldwide can serve global leaders.


Pat is an example of how Branches Worldwide can serve global leaders. Pat will grow through the teachings in our leadership development program. And, when provided with a mentor who can decipher the most important business needs, Abonzo Coffee could prosper and have a level of impact that is unthinkable to Pat today. Uncovering new markets, investing with micro loans and helping negotiate new land purchases, might be exactly what Abonzo Coffee needs to thrive.

"We will transform communities like the Doichang Mountain Region by serving leaders like Pat."

Sorting coffee beans

Pat leads a team from the Akha Village of Doi Chang in Northern Thailand. They desire to make a better life for their families and community. Their coffee is hand sorted by women in the community, many of whom were victims of sex trafficking in Bangkok and returned when they discovered jobs with Abonzo in their home village. The community is thriving and prospering because of Pat and the jobs that Abonzo has created.