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Who We Are

Who We Are

Transforming communities by serving leaders who can change our world
Who We Are

Branches Worldwide serves global leaders. Our mission is to identify 30 total leaders, in 30 different countries, and partner with them for 30 years. Impacting 30 leaders in 30 countries for 30 years is a bold vision. And we want you to join us.

What We Do

Branches Worldwide serves global leaders. That means we partner with the best young adults (ages 25-40) we can find. Women and men who have a track record of leadership ability. People who lead with character, courage, and a calling from God. People who see their leadership in business as a means to serve their communities, invest in their church and change their world. We intend to start by partnering with 30 of these leaders, one in 30 different countries, for 30 years. Together we'll help make an eternal difference in communities around the world. Here's how you can join the mission...

How We Serve

The Teachings

We are developing faith-based, leadership development curriculum that will be distributed through online classes to the leaders.

The Mentors

We are establishing a network of mentors who will provide one-on-one mentoring to the leaders. These mentors will be experienced, faith-based leaders around the world who will provide timely wisdom and guidance.

The Resources

We are establishing a list of tools such as micro-lending, crowd-sourcing, supply chain management, etc. that will provide resources and funding as native leaders expand their vision and serve their community.

The Network

The network of leaders, mentors, donors, and other constituents, will provide a virtual and literal support system for the leaders. Our goal is to create lasting relationships that can be called upon for any need.